Sunday, July 22, 2012

Small vs. Large Assisted Living Facilities

Some people have to make a choice: should we select a small or large assisted living facility?  Small assisted living facilities have 6 or fewer beds.  They are often occupied by the owner who also acts as a caregiver.  Also, small assisted living facilities are usually not custom built; they are regular single family houses that have been remodeled to accommodate 6 residents.  Consequently, some rooms and bathrooms are usually shared.  In contrast, large assisted living facilities have both shared and private rooms.  They are custom-built facilities owned by legal entities, hire staff ranging from caregivers to landscapers, and have extensive activity schedules.

Small assisted living facilities are usually cheaper than larger assisted living facilities.  Since they are typically occupied by the owners, are far greater in number, and are not custom-built they are usually less expensive.  The vast number of small assisted living facilities in Santa Rosa are the reason why the median cost of assisted living in Santa Rosa is $4,125 per month.  Many of these smaller assisted living facilities charge between $3,000 to $4,000 per month.  However, some smaller assisted living facilities are poor; they deliver sub par personal care or maintain hazardous conditions.  If you are considering a smaller assisted living facility call Accessible Elder Care at (707) 237-2750 for free placement assistance and advice.  We've evaluated Santa Rosa assisted living facilities and can guide you to the right one.

Larger assisted living facilities are expensive.  They usually charge a tiered rate that increases with the level of care rendered.  For residents with dementia that require frequent personal care this rate structure can cost more than $8,000 per month in larger assisted living facilities.  In addition, some larger assisted living facilities are reluctant to accept residents with poor mobility or advanced dementia.  However, seniors with fair mental functioning and good mobility will benefit from the social atmosphere and tasteful surroundings of a larger assisted living facility.

If you need help finding a Santa Rosa assisted living facility call us at (707) 237-2750 for free placement assistance.

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